Among the cultural values of the City of Cluj-Napoca, technical education is a reality since the beginning of the last century. The Industrial Graduate School was established on February 1st, 1920: this new educational institution underwent a series of restructuring measures and became in 1922 the Graduate School of Mechanical Operators – the predecessor of the Cluj Polytechnic. Another school of a technical profile established in 1920 was the Graduate School of Public Works Operators which was reorganized in 1937 as the School of Electromechanical Junior Engineers. In the year 1947, after a memorandum was filed at the Ministry of National Education pleading the foundation of a Polytechnic in Cluj, the Cluj Institute of Mechanics was established pursuant to the laws of the academic reform of August 1945.

The new institute had one faculty with two study paths: Thermotechnics and Working machines. The demand growth for technically skilled labour led to the 1953 reorganisation of the Institute of Mechanics in the Cluj Polytechnic Institute which had four faculties – among which the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

After the 1989 Revolution, the Romanian tertiary education system resumed its synchronization with Western educational systems. In 1992, the Polytechnic Institute changed its name, thus becoming the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca; the three existing faculties at that time were restructured into seven faculties and the Academic College of Technology, Economy and Administration.



The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering also underwent restructuring measures, where new courses of study were created, alongside traditional ones:

  • - The Agricultural Mechanics course of study was established in 1962 and functioned until 2003, when it became the course of study for Machines and Equipment for Agriculture and Food Industry;
  • - The Thermal Machines course of study functioned between the 1954 and 1958 and was resumed in 1990 under the name of Thermal Systems and Equipment;
  • - The Precision Mechanics course of study was founded in 1990 currently functions under the name of Precision Mechanics and Nanotechnologies;
  • - The Road Vehicles course of study was established in 1992;
  • - The Mechatronics course of study functions since 1992;
  • - The Transport and Traffic Engineering course of study was founded in 2011. 


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